Food prep coolers and freezers

As a food service establishment, your food prep coolers and freezers are vital to your success. Whether you are preparing sandwiches for the lunch crowd or pan searing filet mignon for the dinner menu; your food prep cooler or freezer must work properly. Bacteria can quickly grow when you don't store meat, vegetables, and other perishables at the right temperature, so it’s incredibly important to keep your equipment running perfectly all year round.Because of this, the proper maintenance of your food prep coolers and freezers should be on the top of your to-do list. Refrigeration is a large part of the restaurant experience, and can be great and necessary for your business. However, a broken reach-in cooler or freezer can become a catastrophe for your dining establishment. With so many other restaurant duties to attend to, the problem could.

Common issues with food prep coolers and freezers include:

→ Thermostat issues

→ Frost in the Freezer

→ Leaks from the application

→ Power issues

→ Damaged Door Hinges

→ Dirty condenser coils